The mission of KingsMen is spreading…

The mission of KingsMen is spreading…
Posted on 28 April 2024

What is happening now?

This year we started with several Quest sessions, in Canigou, in Poland and in Mauritius. A first Quest will be launched in the UK during the summer. And of course we have our Father-Son weekends in Lithuania and Belgium (a new location, Orval) and our Father-Daughter weekend in the Netherlands. All these weekends are multilingual.

A big step we took this year is working on our local presence with our Triple Fit evenings. On the KingsMen website you can find a map with all the Triple Fit groups around Europe. The groups come together about once or twice a month to be together as men and to work on the “fitness” of mind, body, and soul. It is a great opportunity to keep alive what you have gone through during a KingsMen weekend.

KingsMen is an organization fully supported by volunteers. That is also why we need your help. You can invite others to join a KM weekend, you can share with others your experience, and you can donate through the website so that we can do our work more professionally. And last but not least, you can step into our AWAKEN! group which is the leadership team of KingsMen. It is the place where we meet on a regular basis and where we receive our formation to help KingsMen grow, to lead KingsMen weekends and to serve others.

Now my friends it’s up to you, what is your next step? Are you going to register for a KM activity, are you going to invite someone? Are you going to help?

Quest sessions

Don’t forget to register in time for Quest 3.0 in October for those who already did Quest 2.0.  And what about Quest 2.0 in September or November? Or invite your family or friends for Quest 1.0 in December?