Quest 1.0 Sclerder Abbey (Eng/Dutch)

Quest 1.0 Sclerder Abbey (Eng/Dutch)


The men’s programmes consist of a series of three Quest treks that can be done over a period of three years. Each subsequent journey is more challenging physically, spiritually and in preparation. During the Quest there is some daily quiet time and an introduction or testimony based on a daily theme.  Men will work personally with stimulating questions.


During the Quest 1.0 there will be two to three good walks. With a normal level of fitness these hikes are easy to do. The content of the Quest  revolves around the themes of identity, masculinity, friendship and perseverance.  To prepare, after registering you will receive a book proposal that you should read before the trip.

Fir this Quest, we will stay at Sclerder Abbey in Cornwall, a beautiful former Carmelite monastery half an hour by car from Plymouth and just ten minutes from the sea. When the sisters left Cornwall they invited the Chemin-Neuf Community to carry on their work of prayer and community life.

The programme is not announced in advance.  Meals and prayer times are provided by the religious community living in the abbey and we, as a group, will join with them for some of the time.

Travel arrangements are yet to be finalised but the aim is to travel together to the abbey as a group from two possible locations, one in the Midlands and one close to London in the South East.


20 Jun 2024 - 23 Jun 2024
Cost: 390,00


  • Price: 390,00
  • Number of days: 4 days
  • Location: Sclerder Abbey, Sclerder Lane, Looe, UK
  • Distance: 15 km
  • For whom: Men
  • Transport: With a minibus from midlands and/or south east (exact location TBC)

This Quest is for any man who is proficient in the English and/or Dutch language.

The price includes costs for accommodation and meals, but exclusive travelcosts.

Every man must take out his own travel insurance.

General terms and conditions.


Departure outbound:

– Midlands/South East (exact location TBC): Thursday morning

Arrival return:

– Midlands/South East (exact location TBC): on Sunday afternoon

Because we travel together, we have more time to talk and share with each other.

We will share transport costs between Midlands and/or south east and Sclerder Abbey according to ability to pay. These are not included in the registration fee.

We will give more details a few weeks before the Quest.

Sclerder Abbey

Our starting point is the beautiful former Carmelite monastery, Sclerder Abbey, close to the sea in Cornwall (UK), which is inhabited by a small religious community “Chemin-Neuf”. The community are a mix of celibate and non-consecrated brothers and sisters and married couples.  They live a life of prayer and service  and provide guided and personal retreats to individuals and groups. Their spirituality is routed in both the Ignation and Charismatic traditions with an fervent desire for Christian unity. Our programme is adapted to the prayer times of this community

The community are also engaged in an exciting new permaculture project  called “The Green Abbey “ which  starts with sustainability in mind, striving to produce much of their food in the grounds without the use of modern pesticides or herbicides.