Quest 1.0 Sarrance

Quest 1.0 Sarrance


The men’s treks consist of a series of three Quest treks that can be done over a period of three years. Each subsequent journey is more challenging physically, spiritually and in preparation. During the Quest there is daily quiet time and there is an introduction or testimony based on a daily theme. The men will work personally with stimulating questions.

KM Quest 1.0

During the Quest 1.0 there will be two to three light mountain walks. With a normal condition these hikes are easy to do. The content of the Quest is about identity, masculinity, friendship and perseverance. As a preparation, after registration you will receive a book proposal that you should read before the hike. Every next trek is a little more challenging in every way.

The programme is not announced in advance. Meals and prayer times are provided by the religious community living in the abbey and we, as a group, will partly join them.


Cost: 335,00


  • Price: 335,00
  • Number of days: 4 days
  • Location: Monastère de Sarrance, Place de l'Église, Sarrance, Frankrijk
  • Distance: 15 km
  • For whom: Men
  • Transport: Own transport

The price does not include a voluntary contribution to the abbey for accommodation, but inclusive travel, insurance etc.

Languages: Dutch, French and English.


Sarrance is located in the West of the Pyrenees, between Lourdes and the Spanish border. It is a mountain village on the route to Santiago de Compostela. The heart of this village is formed by an ancient monastery where the Premonstratensian Fathers live with a modest community. It is this monastery which is our starting point for our KingsMen weekend. The hospitality of the monastery and the beautiful surroundings is exactly what makes this tour so unique.