KM24h Abbey

KM24h Abbey


Seeing each other again over 24 hours in an abbey. Looking back from where you are now. Hold on to the experience of the mountain trek and secure it in your life. That’s what these 24 hours are about. You will see your fellow KingsMen again and spend time with and for each other. Listening, sharing, experiencing the silence, going deeper and of course welcoming the challenges and surprises! In these 24 hours we are going to leave our comfort zone.

These 24 hours are intended for all men who have done a Quest with KingsMen or who want to get to know KingsMen.


Cost: 60,00


  • Price: 60,00
  • Number of days: 2 days
  • Location: Sint Paulusabdij, Hoogstraat, Oosterhout, Nederland
  • Distance: 15 km
  • For whom: Men
  • Maximum participants: 30 persons
  • Transport: Own transport

Languages: Dutch, English and French.

St Paul’s Abbey in Oosterhout

St. Paul’s Abbey in Oosterhout was established in 1907 as a foundation of the French Benedictine congregation of Solesmes. In the middle of the 20th century, it experienced a great flourishing with many Dutch vocations and a great spiritual influence. Due to secularisation, the Benedictine friars were also ageing, so that in 2006 they were forced to hand the abbey over to a new community. This was found and once again a French community, Chemin Neuf, moved in. We are allowed to walk in the rhythm of this community when we are guests here.