KM father-son

KM father-son

So, Father like Son

KM Father Son 48 hours together.

A father is his sons’ hero.

Challenging outdoor assignments, playing sports together, getting to know each other in a different way, meeting each other in sharing and silence, and reflecting together. Creating special moments and memories, that is what connects father and son for a lifetime, each expressing themselves and taking steps together.

A unique KingsMen experience for fathers and sons (between 14 and 25 years).


10 Sep 2021 - 12 Sep 2021
Cost: 225,00


  • Price: 225,00
  • Number of days: 3 days
  • Location: Saint-Maurice Sàrl, Abbaye de Clervaux, Clervaux, Luxemburg
  • For whom: Fathers and Sons
  • Maximum participants: 15 persons
  • Transport: Own transport

The price of 225 euro is for both father and son together. You only have to inscribe once.

Langues : Dutch, English and French.

Abdij Saint Maurice de Clervaux

In Northern Luxembourg in the Ardennes, on top of a hill, lies the Benedictine abbey Saint Maurice of Clervaux. An abbey with an eventful history, but where the monks have always continued to believe that you have to start again.