Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0

Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0

Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0

Improving your leadership lies far beyond your comfortzone

  • Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0 is your choice to take the next step in your leadership in an exclusive group.
  • Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0 challenges you to push your physical and emotional boundaries with other executives and to make an impact on your work, your business and personal network.
  • Kingsmen Executive Choice 1.0 has been training the top of the business leaders for 10 years


17 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
Cost: 1.150,00


  • Price: 1.150,00
  • Number of days: 4 days
  • Location: Col du Gd St Bernard, 1946 Bourg-Saint-Pierre, Switzerland
  • Distance: 24 km
  • For whom: Leaders and executives that want to improve their leadership by leaving their comfortzone
  • Transport: Own transport to Lyon Airport

The price is 1150,- excl VAT or 1391,50 incl VAT and includes

  • complete leadershipprogram
  • full board
  • preperation before | coaching after
  • netwerk appgroup

Languages: Dutch, French, and English.

General terms and conditions.

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