KM AWAKEN! Lithuania

KM AWAKEN! Lithuania


AWAKEN! is the leadership group of KingsMen. All men involved in organising and helping during KingsMen activities are part of this AWAKEN! group. Within the AWAKEN! group we wake up our leadership potential. We challenge each other to get the best out of who we are and we build on long lasting friendships. And most importantly, we build together on KingsMen so that other men can live what we live, can enjoy what we enjoy and can be challenged as we are challenged.

To join the AWAKEN! activities you would already be part of the AWAKEN! group or you may have a specific reason to participate and will have discussed this with the KingsMen responsible.


In this Awaken! activity we go to one of the new countries were KingsMen in growing! The growth of KingsMen in a new country inspires us to look to ourselves and to the principles of KingsMen. With can we do to help KingsMen growing in our own environment and in our own countries? Moreover, we go back to the principles of KingsMen that help us to become the Men that we really are and above all back to God who is the source of us all.


Cost: 315,00


  • Price: 315,00
  • Number of days: 4 days
  • Location: Baltriškės, Lithuania
  • Distance: 25 km
  • For whom: Men who have done an Awaken!
  • Maximum participants: 30 persons
  • Transport: Own transport

The price does not include a voluntary contribution to the abbey for accommodation, but inclusive travel, insurance etc.

Languages: Dutch, French and English.

General terms and conditions.

Tiberiade Lithuania

From 1991 and on the occasion of WYD in Czestochowa, Poland, the Brotherhood of Tiberias began to receive invitations from young Lithuanians to visit schools, parishes and organize retreat camps.

Over the years, a small missionary branch has been established in the village of Baltriskes, north of the capital, Vilnius. Since 2001, a fraternity of brothers has lived religious, missionary and fraternal life there.

The reception is abundant, especially the reception of young people, and requests for missions have grown over the years. Today there are 7 brothers who live in this little fraternity.