KM 24u abdij – November 2020: Alternatief programma!!

KM 24u abdij – November 2020: Alternatief programma!!


TERUGKOM WEEKEND: 24 hours International AANKOMST: Saturday November 21 7.00 AM LOCATIE: Regional


Every year we meet on the Catholic feast of Christ the King. Unfortunately, due to the partial lockdown, it is not allowed and possible to get together as a group. On the one hand that is a setback, but on the other hand it is also an opportunity. This makes it possible to offer an international 24 hours. Each from his own country, in very small groups. We choose a digital form through the well-known video conferencing tool Zoom. It still is possible to meet with limited numbers, for example with two people. Therefore, we will try to meet regionally in these small groups and be connected through Zoom. Both in a number of places in the Netherlands, as well as in some regions in France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and England, depending on the registrations. And depending on the possibilities per country and your own willingness to travel and meet in the small group. Of course it will also be possible to participate by yourself via Zoom. Program Saturday, November 21 • 7 to 12 am “together” in the different regions in small groups all connected via Zoom • Eucharistic celebration at home via Zoom from 2 pm to 3 pm (your family is also welcome) • Individually at home from 8.30 pm to 10 pm via Zoom Theme Six battles. We don’t give up and fight the good fight. We might be struck down, but we are not destroyed. We keep pushing to meet our friends, to become aware of our identity. To fight for our families, our personal holiness and for our faith. Through the pain we suffer. Hope to meet you on the 21st of November. After registration we will give you more information about the program, the Zoom link and how you can meet with others. Please feel free to forward the link to other KingsMen or a close friend who you would like to introduce.



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