Article 1 Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all activities organised by the KingsMen foundation (KM).

1.2 KM organises treks to give participants the opportunity to develop themselves as men, fathers and leaders.

1.3 Participants who register (also via the website) are only assured of participation when the entire travel sum has been paid.

1.4 Cancellation:

  • When cancelling a so-called “KM+” activity (24h, workshop) there will be no refund.
  • Cancellation of Quest, AWAKEN! and father-son father-daughter trips: Up to 3 months before departure KingsMen will retain € 50. Between 3 and 1 month before departure 50% of the contribution will be withheld. Within 1 month before departure there will be no refund. A cancellation and request for refund should be send to

Article 2 Liability

2.1 KM’s liability for damages you suffer is limited to one time the travel sum, unless intentional or negligent action on the part of KM is involved.

2.2 KM is not liable for damages if these can be attributed to yourself, are a consequence of unavoidable and/or exceptional circumstances or can be attributed to a third party not engaged by KM for the execution of the treks.

2.3 KM is not liable for damages suffered as a result of accidents which occur during participation in excursions and/or sports activities, unless intentional or negligent action is taken by KM.

2.4 If an EU convention or regulation applies to a service included in the trek booking, KM can invoke an exclusion or limitation of liability which that convention or regulation grants or permits to a service provider as such.

2.5 Neither is KM liable or obliged to pay any compensation if and insofar as the participant has been able to recover his/her damages from an insurance policy taken out by him/her, such as cancellation and/or travel insurance. Participants are required to take out travel and cancellation insurance.

2.6 KM is not liable for accidents, theft, even if it occurs in an accommodation, or damage to personal property during a trip.

2.7 You are jointly and severally liable for all damage to the (hired) accommodation, camping pitch or other KM property that occurs during your use of it. Irrespective of whether this is the result of an act or omission by yourself or third parties present at the accommodation with your permission.

2.8 You indemnify KM for all liability regarding third party damages that are the result of an act or omission by yourself or third parties present at the place of accommodation with your permission.


Article 3 Rights and obligations

3.1 You are obliged to follow the instructions given by KM. If these instructions are not followed, KM reserves the right to immediately exclude participants from the trek and send them home at their own expense.


Article 4 Travel documents

4.1 KM will indicate in the confirmation when and how travel documents will be made available to you.

4.2 If you have not received any travel documents at the time stated by KM, but no later than 5 working days prior to departure, please report this to KM without delay.


Article 5 Price

5.1 The price in offers, quotations and publications on the KM websites apply per person, unless otherwise stated, and only include the services described in offers and publications.

5.2 Price increases which were not known at the time the booking was made are at your risk and expense. These may be taxes, unscheduled transport costs, fuel costs and/or local charges.


Article 6 Complaints during the trek

6.1 Complaints about the execution of the trek must be reported as soon as possible on the spot in order to find a solution. To this end, the participant must report to

  • The trek guides (and if a solution is not possible there);
  • KM board.

6.2 If the shortcoming is not resolved and it also affects the quality of the trip, you must report this to the KM Board without delay.

6.3 KM will provide information about the guidelines to be followed at the location and the contact details and availability of those involved.

6.4 If the participant has not fulfilled the obligation to report and register the complaint in the manner stated by KM and, as a result, KM has not been given the opportunity to remedy the shortcoming, any right to compensation will lapse.


Article 7 Data

7.1 Data you provide to KM via the registration form to participate in the trip are used for the purpose of organising the trip.

7.2 In addition, the data can be used for promotional purposes for other trips/activities that KM organises.

7.3 Participant grants permission for his personal data to be processed for the purpose of participating in activities and invitations from KM. In doing so, KM will exercise the greatest possible care and comply with the rules arising from the General Data Protection Regulation.