Other men struggle with the same things i do

Other men struggle with the same things i do
Posted on 5 April 2021

‘I discovered, through KingsMen, that issues I had thought were unique to me, other men experienced too.’ It’s a discovery made by Tony who says he is 65 years young and married to his lovely wife Louise. He continues to tell how he didn’t really want to find out, because he was scared.

‘I first met KingsMen while visiting the Netherlands in 2016, where I was shown a short introductory film. While I was immediately impressed, I was also afraid and didn’t think I could manage the physical challenges.

Something inside kept telling me that I needed to do this but it took me three years to finally join. In 2019 I joined a 4-day programme called ‘Awaken’, and set out on what became the start of a truly rewarding journey. One year later I joined around 30 men from several different countries for a ‘Quest’ in the French Pyrenees.’

Tony describes the two trips as ‘amazing experiences’ where he formed deep lasting friendships and regained his confidence and sense of peace. He concludes his story with an encouragement for all: ‘Just take the plunge and do it! It’s totally worth it.’

Tony Brandon – England