10 years of KingsMen
The first 10 years, Today and Tomorrow

KingsMen the first 10 years

Some highlights

2013: First men weekend in St Martin du Canigou

2014: Start of Canigou 1.0 and Canigou 2.0

2015: Start of Canigou 3.0 and and 24h weekend in the Netherlands

2016: KingsMen new name launched and official international foundation, start of AWAKEN! program

2017: First Quest sessions on other locations and with French speaking groups from France and Belgium

2018: Launch of Father-Son weekend, publication of movie “Men after Gods heart” by Net for God

2019: Launch of Father-Daughter weekend

2020: Start of daily KingsMen prayer time via Zoom

2021: First 24h in Lithuania, start of TripleFit

2022: First Quest in Poland

2023: AWAKEN! weekend in Lithuania and start of Quest in Mauritius

KingsMen Tomorrow

– Invite your friends and family for a Quest, Father-Son, Father-Daughter, 24h weekend.

– Come back yourself to a Quest or any other KM activity

– Join the monthly TripleFit groups in your neighborhood

– Come and help us by joining the AWAKEN! group

– Join us (daily or incidentally) in our daily prayer time at 22.00h in Zoom

– Give us a financial contribution to support our voluntary work

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