Life begins …
… at the end of your comfort zone
Over the past 10 years we as KingsMen have been trying to share light in the darkness of each other lives.  Most of you have been participating in one or more KingsMen activities. Perhaps you’ve done one or more…

Quest  – moving beyond your comfort zone

Going on a ‘Quest’ isn’t a walk in the park.

It’s a journey. It challenges you. It changes you.

Are you ready to discover more about yourself? How to take control and responsibility over your life? How to be certain of your role in your family, job and community?

Are you ready to be challenged physically? To get active (again) and see amazing views with your fellow travelers? You’re all in this together.

A Quest is 4/5 days of hiking in the mountains, contemplative silence, exploring meaningful questions and sharing with a group of men. It’s a life changing experience. Are you ready?

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"Other men experience the same issues as me"
Tony Brandon, UK